Corporate Information

Company Name TENGA Co., Ltd.
Established March 25th, 2005
Head Office Park Court Azabu-Juban The Tower 2F, 1-7-1 Mita, Minato, Tokyo 108-0073, Japan
Business Overview The design, manufacture and sales of functional, hygienic sexual wellness items. Spreading correct knowledge of sexual health, disease prevention and sexuality.
President Profile Koichi Matsumoto (Born 1967)

Born in Shizuoka, Japan. After graduating as a car mechanic and dabbling in repairing and maintaining Super Cars and Classical Cars, Matsumoto enters a career selling used automobiles.
However, with a passion to create something new, Matsumoto leaves his job and the life of an office worker at the age of 34.
With personal savings of 10million yen, Matsumoto begins concept work in various fields, but ultimately decides that he wished to revolutionize the adult novelty industry.
With three years of trial and error behind him moments before his self funding reached an end, March 2005 saw the birth of TENGA Inc.
July 7th of that same year, the fruits of his blood, sweat and tears, the original 5 “TENGA” CUPs were launched.
Selling over 1 million units in its first year alone, Matsumoto is now President of TENGA Co., Ltd. – a lifestyle brand of sexual wellness items.