Use of TENGA in the Medical Field

TENGA has also been showing promise in
the medical field.

Rehabilitation of Ejaculation Disorder

Of all sexual disorders, Ejaculation Disorder (the inability to ejaculate within a vagina) is next in line after Erectile Dysfunction.
A likely cause of this disorder is the long-term practice of incorrect methods of masturbation – methods such as the “Push Method” (the act of rubbing or squeezing against other objects such as sheets or walls) or too strong a grip during manual stimulation.

Dr. Kobori of Dokkyo Medical College’s Koshigaya Hospital is one among many urological doctors that recommend TENGA products to their patients for aid/rehabilitation of this disorder.

Utilizing the three varying strengths of the TENGA CUP Series (Black = Strong, Red = Standard and White = Soft,) patients are advised to gradually decrease their ejaculatory threshold by gradually lowering the stimulation of the CUP they use.

2009: A thesis regarding Ejaculation Disorder was released by the Japanese Society for Sexual Medicine in September 2009.
(Read it here.)

2012: Dr. Kobori’s research findings have been released in the Asian Pacific Journal of Reproduction. (Read it here.)

Rehabilitation of Post-Prostatectomy Erectile Dysfunction

After Prostate removal surgery (Prostatectomy) it is vital for male patients to rehabilitate the stimulatory sensitivity of the penis.
Dr. Imai et al of Seirei Hamamatsu Hospital among other Urologists are testing the possibilities of TENGA in this rehabilitation.

In short, after administration of medicine the patient would stimulate the flaccid penis with a TENGA EGG.
Importantly, unlike vibration therapy or to an extent, manual stimulation, the TENGA EGG is slightly closer in (terms of) stimulation to actual intercourse.

Reports of this rehabilitation therapy have been published on the Japan Journal of Sexual Medicine (2011 August, 2012 January.)

※1 Read the journal here (.pdf)
※2 Read the journal here (.pdf)