Support of those with Physical Disabilities

At TENGA, we pursue the improvement of sexuality, for those with inabilities to respond to their own sexual desires due to disabilities.

One such case was is the TENGA-use-cuffs. Working together with occupational therapists, TENGA developed a cuff that helps those with disabilities using their hands or those with lesser grip, to use and enjoy TENGA CUP series products as easily and safely as possible.

Another is our support program for the Non-Profit Organization “Noir”, a support group for the sexual wellness of those with disabilities.

Sexual desire comes from the brain – even for the physically disabled, desires are natural, and the need to resolve those desires are natural for every man.
Starting with the members of “Noir”, TENGA have worked together with those with disabilities to research and collaborate ways to use TENGA for the self-care of all men, to further create a universal design of so-called “Adult Products” into something that is safe and easy to enjoy.
Further information:
Non-profit Organization “Noir”

Or contact us at any time for further information.

*A portion of TENGA profits go to support organizations for those who have physical disabilities.