Jorge “Viki” Gomez- BMX -

Jorge “Viki“ Gomez, a Spanish professional BMX competitor and BMX demo performer who has won countless prestigious sports Awards and PRO BMX Competitions worldwide. He also finds time to put his skills to use in bike design as well as co-founding a talent management business.

Jorge “Viki“ Gomez
March 7th, 1981
Professional BMX Competitor, Demo Performer, BMX Bike Designer, Talent Manager


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    Ucchie introduced me to them at a tournament – it must have been a few years ago now. I have a girlfriend and I didn’t feel like I needed them at the time but Ucchie was really into it and he gave me one of your CUPs and I remember him telling me it was really good and so I tried one… They’re now my best friends when I’m away from home on tournaments abroad!

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