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Vacuum Controller FAQ

  • QWhat is the TENGA Vacuum Controller?

    The TENGA Vacuum Controller is an electronic vacuum device made for use with compatible TENGA products to create a more powerful suction sensation during use.
    It includes two size adapters, to be compatible with Standard and Ultra Size items.

  • QDoes the Vacuum Controller include a warranty?

    Yes! There is a warranty period of 3 months from the date of purchase.
    Please contact us here should you have any inquiries regarding defective items.
    Please note that we require a receipt, proof of purchase, or completed warranty page from the item user manual to process defective item inquiries.
    The warranty does not cover damage incurred through improper use.

  • QIs the Vacuum Controller rechargeable?

    The Vacuum Controller is powered by 4 AAA Batteries. To ensure the best product performance, please use only Alkaline AAA Batteries.
    Batteries are not included.

  • QHow should I turn the Vacuum Controller on?

    Simply press the round button once to turn ON, and again to turn OFF.

  • QWhat suction modes does the Vacuum Controller have?

    We kept it simple – there’s only ON or OFF. You can use the Release Button to open up a release valve to manipulate the vacuum strength to your own liking.

  • QHow should I wash the Vacuum Controller?

    The Vacuum Control Unit is NOT waterproof, please only wipe clean with a cloth. The Adapters are submersible so you can wash this part with water, but please do not use alcohol or other cleaning agents.


    ■ Do NOT submerge the Vacuum Control Unit. This may cause electrical damage or electric shocks.

  • QWhat products can I use with the Vacuum Controller?

    Only TENGA products with a Vacuum Compatible sticker can be used with the Vacuum Controller. This includes the TENGA Original Vacuum CUP (including the U.S. version), and the Air-Tech Reusable Vacuum CUP VC.


    TENGA items without this sticker or third party items should not be used. Use of any items other than TENGA items with the Vacuum Compatibile sticker may cause product damage or injury that TENGA Co., Ltd. can not be held liable for.

  • QCan I use the Vacuum Controller in the bath?

    The Vacuum Controller is NOT waterproof. DO NOT use it in water.

  • QThe suction has gotten really weak – is it broken?

    If you find the Vacuum Controller has lost power, please check the following:


    1) Are the batteries dead?
    2) Is the product set up properly? Is there any air leaking from the Adapters?
    3) Please ensure CUP you are using is a Compatible item.
    4) Is there anything blocking the Vacuum Controller’s air hole?


    If the problem persists following these steps, please contact us.

  • QHow should I dispose of the Vacuum Controller?

    Waste separation and recycling will differ according to region, so please refer to your local guidelines for further details on how to dispose of items with electronic components.

  • QAre there fake or counterfeit TENGA items out there?

    Currently there are a number of counterfeit TENGA items on the market. While they may look very similar to authentic TENGA products, the quality is far inferior and may even be dangerous to use.
    For further information about counterfeit items, click here.
    If you are concerned you may have purchased a counterfeit item, please contact us and we can help you determine the authenticity of your items.

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