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  • QWhat is VI-BO?

    VI-BO is a series of items for use by couples for intimate play. With their small, fun designs they make great items for people new to toys in the bedroom. VI-BO aims to be an item that isn’t used for “one person to stimulate another person”, but more as a tool for two people to stimulate each other, for greater communication to support coupled intimacy.

  • QWhat is the difference between each VI-BO?

    Each VI-BO is designed to be used in different ways:


    FINGER ORB – Place on your finger, to increase the stimulation of your touch
    RING ORB – You can place this around a man’s penis to share the stimulation during sex
    HAND ORB – Placing the bands around your thumb and little finger, your palm stimulates while your fingers are free to move
    TWIN ORB – You can use the two orbs simultaneously thanks to the flexible body
    STICK ORB – Two orbs double-up the intensity of the stimulation

  • QHow should I turn the VI-BO on?

    The VI-BO products are all simple to use. The vibrating core (BASE ORB) inside the VI-BO Cover has a small power button that turns the product ON and OFF.

  • QWhat vibration modes do the VI-BO have?

    There is simply one vibration mode.
    For variety, there is a range of VI-BO Covers, so please choose a cover that meets your needs.

  • QHow should I wash the VI-BO?

    Please wash VI-BO with cold or tepid water. If there are is any noticeable dirtiness on the VI-BO, please use a neutral, mild soap.


    ■ Do not wash VI-BO under hot water, boil, or immerse in washing detergents for extended periods of time.
    ■ Use only neutral or mild soap. Soaps high in acid or alkaline content may damage product material.
    ■ Do NOT wash with acidic or alcoholic cleansers, as this may cause disfiguration and discoloration of the device.
    ■ Please ensure the product is completely clean and dry before storing to help avoid mold and other build-up.

  • QCan I use VI-BO in the bath?

    Yes! VI-BO are waterproof and can be used in the bath. However, please avoid using VI-BO in waters deeper than 50cm, or in strong water currents. Do not squeeze the products strongly under water, as this may allow water to enter the device and may cause defects.

  • QCan I use the VI-BO products more than once?

    Yes! Please wash the item after every use and store in a cool dry place. The VI-BO have a maximum running time of around 30 minutes, so please change the batteries if you feel the vibrations are becoming weaker.

  • QHow should I replace the batteries?

    All VI-BO products vibrate from the BASE ORB. Simply replace the three LR44 batteries inside it.
    To do so, please remove the BASE ORB from the VI-BO Cover and unscrew it to open it up. Once you have changed the three batteries please ensure the close the BASE ORB and re-insert it into the VI-BO Cover.
    ■ Product includes tester batteries to check function.

  • QHow many times can VI-BO be used?

    This depends on care and situation of use.
    If any of the conditions listed below apply to your VI-BO, please replace it.


    The VI-BO Cover is stretched and the BASE ORB becomes detached easily.
    If there are any cuts or tears on the VI-BO Cover.
    The vibrations of the BASE ORB are weak, despite having just changed batteries.
    The product doesn’t turn on despite changing batteries.


    ■ If your VI-BO Cover is damaged, DO NOT use the BASE ORB on its own.

  • QCan I stretch the VI-BO Covers?

    The VI-BO Covers are made to be stretchable to a certain extent, but please do not over stretch the device more than necessary, as this may cause the elasticity of the product to decrease making it unviable for use.

  • QWhat is the Safety Cover for the STICK ORB? Can I buy a new one if I lose it?

    This is to stop the BASE ORB from escaping the device during use. VI-BO is not a medical device; TENGA Co., Ltd. can not be held responsible if you choose to insert the device into your body. The Safety Cover is not sold separately.

  • QWhat should I use for lubrication with the VI-BO?

    Only water-based lubricants should be used with VI-BO.


    ■ Please refrain from using silicone-based lubricants, oils such as baby oil or other non-water based lubricants with VI-BO products. These may cause disfiguration, discoloration or defects in the device.

  • QIs the VI-BO safe?

    The VI-BO products are all made of a body safe Elastomer for peace of mind during use.
    The BASE ORB (the internal vibrating core) is roughly 3cm in diameter, so please DO NOT place in your mouth or body. This is hazardous and may cause injuries or accidents.
    Do not remove the vibrating core orb (BASE ORB) from the Cover except for when washing and changing batteries.

  • QWhat materials are used to make the VI-BO?

    VI-BO Cover: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

  • QHow should I dispose of the VI-BO?

    Waste separation and recycling will differ according to region, so please refer to your local guidelines for further details on how to dispose of battery-powered items, and items made with the materials listed above.

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