Rainbow Pride CUP

Rainbow Pride CUP
The Rainbow Pride CUP 2019 is designed to embody the motif of "QUILTBAG".

The colorful pieces, each with their own unique design, combine in a patchwork style to create a beautiful whole.
Just as individual pieces connect to complete a quilt, our differences enrich the world around us.

We wish for a world that cherishes connection and celebrates individuality.

We are proud alone. We are strong together.
QUILTBAG is an acronym representing sexual minorities and their allies, encompassing a myriad of sexual and gender identities.

TENGA Celebrates Pride Worldwide

TENGA believes deeply in everyone's right to live freely as who they are, without expectations or shame. We hope to build a world that is open, free, and full of joy, where individuality is celebrated for making each of us who we are.


    - Tokyo Rainbow Pride

    - Taichung LGBT PRIDE

    - Seoul Queer Festival

    - Christopher Street Day, Berlin
  • U.S.A

    - New York Pride
Pride CUP2019


Code No. TRP-003
Packaged Size 69×69×155mm / (D)×(W)×(H)
Packaged Weight 130g
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Note : The interior of the cup is the same as the TENGA Original Vacuum CUP.

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Part of the proceeds for this product are contributed to activities related to sexual minorities.

In 2018, TENGA donated a total of 1.2 million yen to various organizations, including NPO Nijiiro Diversity.