2011.08.05 NEWS

Announcing the TENGA 3D – “Sculpted Ecstasy”!

Announcing the release of a brand new product range from TENGA Co., Ltd, we bring you “Sculpted Ecstasy” – TENGA 3D New Concept Hole!

Forming a new product range in TENGA’s re-usable “Male Pleasure Item” lines, the TENGA 3D aims to offer a solution for men looking to use a non-obscene, high-quality, affordable pleasure item that offers functionality, great satisfaction that is hygienic every time. Take a look at the TENGA 3D product pages for more info on what the “Reversal of Convention” is all about!

The TENGA 3D – “Sculpted Ecstasy” – look forward to information regarding a worldwide release – very, very soon!!