2019.11.05 NEWS

Review Giveaway: Win a pair of FLIP ORBs!

Earlier this year, we introduced the newest addition to our FLIP series: the FLIP ORB. It kept all the things that made the FLIP ZERO a hit – the seamless insertion point, the clip to hold it closed, the the intricately detailed soft elastomer – and added a new twist. Containing firm, flexible orbs encased in the soft elastomer, the FLIP ORB creates sensations that can’t be achieved with soft material alone.

Now, we present the next step – the FLIP ORB Strong!

Stronger orbs collide and stimulate from within firmer elastomer and edgy internal details. It’s the FLIP ORB, intensified! Enjoy a new kind of thrill that soft material alone can’t match. Both the FLIP ORB and FLIP ORB Strong are available in two variations: BLUE RUSH and ORANGE CRASH. Each one has unique internal details, for 4 different experiences!

Now, we want to hear from you. Exclusive to our mailing list subscribers, we’re asking for your feedback about the FLIP ORB. We’re always striving to make each new offering better than ever, and listening to you is a vital part of learning how to do that. 10 applicants will be randomly selected to receive a pair of FLIP ORBs and complete a product review survey about them. We want to know what you think!

Our winners will receive both the Regular and Strong editions of either the FLIP ORB BLUE RUSH or ORANGE CRASH. We will provide a simple online review survey form – after spending some time with them, submit your completed survey to let us know what you think of the FLIP ORB.

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