2020.05.08 NEWS

[Release] The TENGA GEO – “Standout Geometric Sensations” plus win a full set of the new TENGA GEO!!


TENGA is proud to announce a brand new product range.
We bring you the new concept of “Standout Geometric Sensations” – TENGA GEO!

With intricate details, typically hidden and reserved for function alone, are brought to the forefront with the TENGA GEO. Discover the breathtaking sensations to be found by inverting these geometric designs.

As we’re launching our new TENGA GEO very soon, and to celebrate we’re releasing a quiz online with the chance for one grand prize winner to get a set of ALL the new TENGA GEOs plus a full set of TENGA HOLE LOTIONs!

Since the TENGA GEO merges the stylish looks of the TENGA 3D with the inspirational influences usually reserved for iroha we designed a quiz inspired by those very same designs. We want to test your knowledge of the natural world for the chance to win! Just take our quiz that consists of our specially curated questions based on the geological phenomena that gave birth to the GEOs.


One lucky grand prize winner will get a FULL SET of these 3 geometric wonders as well as 4 LOTIONS to get you started. There will also be 5 chances to win a GEO of their choice and 1 random LOTION. So plenty of chances to win!

Simply click on the link below to find out more and give the quiz a go!
Click here to enter the quiz: