Yohei “Ucchie” Uchino- BMX -

Yohei Uchino a.k.a. Ucchie, is a professional BMX Flatland Rider from Japan. Known for his famous move, the “Ucchie Spin”, Ucchie became the first Japanese World Champion and continues to be a driving force in flatland BMX.

Yohei “Ucchie” Uchino
September 12th, 1982
BMX Flatland Rider


  • What’s your favorite TENGA?

    TENGA Original Vacuum CUP

  • How did you find out about TENGA?

    While shopping with my girlfriend at a variety store in Japan.

  • Any fun stories you can share?

    I’ve been passing out TENGA products to the riders in various competitions around the world, the reactions are always positive! I passed one on to Spanish rider Viki Gomez and he fell in love too – and now we’re both sponsored!

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