Eli Reed


Eli Reed (Pro Skater)

TENGA's very different, nothing really compares to TENGA - not just because of how well they work but "they're original."

This edition of TENGA VOICE brings us NY based TENGA Sponsored Pro Skater representing the East Coast, Eli Reed. Read below for our conversation about what it’s like to be a Pro Skater, his visit to Japan and TENGA!

Tell us a little bit about what it’s like being a “Pro Skater” in the US. You know, a lot of places in Japan ban skateboarding and it’s very restricted – Is the situation any better back in your homeland?

I’m not sure if I can answer what it’s like, but skateboarding is pretty much restricted all over the world, unless you’re in a skate park.

Speaking of which, thanks for joining us at the HLNA skate park here in Tokyo the other day.

No problem, it was a lot of fun!

I imagine you must keep in good shape athletically to do what you do, but do you have any other sporting background?

I try to stay limber – stretching, etc., but not much otherwise. I played a lot of basketball as a kid, before I really picked up skateboarding.

But skating as a profession – how hard is it to make a living out of it; to get to where you are now? Tell us a little about the ER Brand.

It’s really fuckin’ hard bro. You’ve gotta have real motivation behind you, I skate for respect. I have a brand now called ER, Eli Reed, but it’s really just an extension of me and my personality.

How did you first encounter TENGA?

I get along with the guys at Frank 151 (who worked with TENGA for the Keith Haring collaboration project) and they told me about it. Saw them for the first time during a visit to their office in New York.

What was your first impression of our products?

They’re cool bro, a little odd the first time you see them but I don’t know how the average American would think about it. But they’re very different, nothing really compares to TENGA – not just because of how well they “work” but they’re original.

Lastly, any words for Japanese skaters out there?

Keep skating no matter what

During his trip to Japan Eli joined us at the KAWAKAZE Skate Park in the Yamanashi Prefecture northwest of Tokyo which is being torn down due to government orders, you can view his interview at the park right here.

Eli Reed

Eli Reed (Pro Skater)

Born 29th May, 1985
Boston Massachusetts