Announcing the TENGA Anniversary CUP Carnival! (Promotion ended)


(Promotion ended)

July is TENGA’s Anniversary and, as always, we’ve got a special celebratory promotion for you!


This year saw the release of our renewed TENGA CUPs! With the renewal of our CUP Series we aim to bring More Pleasure to More People, offering an exceptional range of newly evolved yet familiar products.


As it’s hasn’t been too long since the release of the CUPs, there may be some of you out there who want to try one, but don’t know which to buy.


So we’ve made it simple and easy to try ALL 5 of the new CUPs with our Anniversary Bundle! During July, you can find a special celebratory set of all New TENGA CUPs for 10% off! Not only that, but spend over $25/€20 and you’ll get a FREE new Original Vacuum CUP. Combine that with our special bundle and that’s SIX CUPs!


Plus: All orders in zones 1 – 4 will be eligible for free shipping!


Join us in celebrating TENGA’s Anniversary by trying out our new TENGA CUPs!