Get Ready for TENGA Black Friday/Cyber Monday! (Promotion Ended)


We’re preparing to bring you some extra special bargains this November – but why wait a whole month to try new sensations?


That’s why we’re offering some exciting deals on the run-up to the end of the month to help you ‘Get Ready for Black Friday/Cyber Monday!’. Try some different sensations – get some special rewards – and get ready for when we unveil our spectacular Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts!


From the 7th of November until Black Friday/Cyber Monday, you’ll receive 4x the amount of Pleasure Points on all orders. That means you’ll have more Pleasure Points to get even better deals on our upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts!


Not signed up to earn Pleasure Points yet? All you need to do is sign up for an account to start reaping the benefits of our points system.


So why wait the whole month to treat yourself to something new? Experience a variety of new sensations, discover some new stimulations and get ready for Black Friday/Cyber Monday!


The Deals Start Here!


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