Lily Franky × Kazunobu Mineta


Lily Franky × Kazunobu Mineta (Illustrator, Actor) (Musician - Ginnan BOYZ, Actor)

I use it myself, and I've never seen anyone happier when I give them as a gift!

From the movie "Boys on the Run" - a story moved by the protagonist Nishida's sexual urges and habits, a story that any man can easily associate himself with! The way to control those urges is masturbation. And with the dream to improve, and make masturbation feel better, TENGA was born. Today we interview Lily Franky and Kazunobu Mineta - both of whom are great lovers of TENGA!

We’d like you both to talk to us about TENGA……

Mineta: “Of Course! I buy them every time I see one when I’m buying my DVDs.”
Lily: “The great thing about TENGA is that you can never have too many. Like you can use them on yourself or you can give them to friends as gifts – trust me you couldn’t give a better gift!”

By the way Mr. Mineta, there are rumors going around that you get all your Adult Videos from Lily!?

Mineta: “Well I can’t deny that!”
Lily: “I make sure he doesn’t get bored with the same types of videos…… so I include some hard core stuff to spice things up!(LOL)”

There’s a scene in the movie that the protagonist (played by Mineta) buys a TENGA……

Mineta: “Oh that sex shop in Akihabara? I go there myself sometimes! (LOL)”
Lily: “I had my preconceptions about TENGA before I used it. Like I’d lose something important as a man if I did. But when I gave one to a friend he told me how great it was, so I gave it a try – now I regret not using it earlier!! Still, picturing myself with a TENGA attached when I’m changing DVDs is a sad thought (LOL)”

Personally I don’t know much about the products…… when you’re a certain age…… does it still feel good?

Lily: “In the case of Mr. Sugisaki (J-Tarou) I don’t think he could get it in! (LOL) That guy’s become a grumpy old man since his boners don’t last long anymore!”

He said something shocking the other day. “I really hate oral. Come on, it’s not like it’s nutritious, it’s neither sweet nor spicy, it’s just totally wrong (LOL)”

Lily: “Yea I know, he says some strangely realistic things sometimes. Still, what’s he doing trying to get nutrients from oral anyway? (LOL) The other day when Mr. Yoshida, Mr. Sugisaku, Mr. Horie and I were talking, remember they said I kept talking about masturbation? He said “Stop showing off!” and told me to stop, something about listening to me talk about it might make him impotent! (LOL)”

Lily Franky × Kazunobu Mineta

Lily Franky × Kazunobu Mineta  (Illustrator, Actor) (Musician - Ginnan BOYZ, Actor)