TENGA got it just right. The things even sound real!

Now in their 11th year, and having collaborated with the likes of the Offspring and Zebrahead, their inertia sees no sign of slowing down. Does Shun have the same power when it comes to things other than music? It certainly seems that way to us...!

We assume that bands like the Offspring are your inspiration, right? Does the same western culture influence you masturbation too?

Actually, I really don’t have a taste for western porn, the first porno I watched was AI IIjima (Japanese Idol)! It all started when I was in middle school, there was this TV show where they’d gather 30-or-so girls in baggy pajamas and panties and hypnotize them – then they’d play music and the girls’d start moaning in pleasure… My parents didn’t know but I watched that show every night (LOL). I think it’s because of this that I get excited at the sight of girls in underwear (LOL).

I see! So that was your first experience in that sense; when was your first TENGA?

TENGA’s been helping me out ever since it first came out. When I first saw it I was like “What’s this?” It looked good and it was a reasonable price too. I’d tried masturbators before but they were all expensive and weren’t so great when I used them. But TENGA got it just right. This things even sound real! I thought to myself “What’s going on in here…?” and broke one apart once (LOL). I’m a greedy man when it comes to things that “feel good”. Recently I’m using the re-usable FLIP HOLE, not just the normal disposable TENGA. And in a pursuit for that “real” feeling, I use condoms too. Of course, they feel great without the condoms too. But I like that feeling so much, the other day I asked my manager to go and buy some condoms for me (LOL). I don’t have a girlfriend right now, but I need condoms for my TENGA (LOL). I can buy a TENGA no problem, but buying condoms makes me feel embarrassed! That’s why I’d love it if they sold TENGA with condoms attached!

By the way, your lyrics are all in English, that makes us question: Are the thoughts in your head in English when you’re masturbating too?

That’s all in Japanese (LOL). Still, there’s a song our band TOTALFAT does that’s about losing your virginity to a girl that was awesome in bed, it’s a really sad song though. The music we get a lot of our inspiration from is filled with sexual references, if you read the lyrics they might just be crude, but combined with the melody they really become touching, and speak to the heart. That’s what’s great about music. I think breaking the barriers around taboos is also an important part of rock in general. I think that Japan’s really behind the times in terms of the HIV problem – sexuality in general too, don’t you? I want to use the power of rock to break down these closed doors!

That’s awesome! It seems 2011 is gonna be a great year for your music, and your masturbation!

Last year, our tenth as a band, we played at a ton of music festivals like Summer Sonic, the year in itself was just great for the band and myself personally. These past ten years I’ve just been doing what I like doing, but it’s all thanks to my fans that I can do that. The next ten years? I’m planning on doing all I can so that we can ALL just have more and more fun. I’m in the process of creating my next album just for that. Expect something amazing, I’m sure it’s gonna be great. My expectations go the same for TENGA too, like… a TENGA that’ll stimulate your balls at the same time? (LOL)

[“Rolling Stone 2011, Jan. Edi. SHAKE★TENGA”]



TOTALFAT, a 4-man rock band made up of Shun (Vocals/Bass), Bunta (Drums), Jose (Vocals/Guitar), Kuboty (Guitar). Formed in 2000 in Hachioji, Tokyo, releasing their first CD in ’03.

Having played at PunkSpring in ’08, they were out as the supporting act for OffSpring’s Japan tour. OffSpring Vocal/Guitarist Dexter went so far as to praise them as “A band fit to conquer to world.” Following their ’09 America West-coast tour, their latest track “OVER DRIVE” was released in June 2010.