Tokyo Shock Boys


Tokyo Shock Boys (Entertainers)

It just made sense since we, as well as TENGA, are Made in Japan trying to reach out to the world

In this edition of TENGA VOICE we bring you good friends of TENGA, the Tokyo Shock Boys! The boys have been around for over 20 years with fame in several countries around the world, they've just come back from their shows at SEXPO Melbourne and currently perform a fortnightly live online show "Koukai Jikken" (Public Experiments) both sponsored by TENGA. We interviewed them just minutes before they went live at their Koukai Jikken Studio to find out more.

What was the idea behind “Koukai Jikken”?

Nanbu: We’ve actually been guests on a few shows filmed in this studio before and thought it’d be a great place to shoot our own show. Even after 20 years of being guests on many shows as The Tokyo Shock Boys we’ve never had our own show, so we decided we’ll do this online show, under the condition that we can do whatever the hell we want.
Gyuzo: To cut to the chase, we wanted to challenge what we could do without worrying about any “censorship regulations”
Nanbu: So when we thought about the important details – production costs and our stage money! – we immediately called our friends at TENGA. It just made sense since we, as well as TENGA, are Made in Japan trying to reach out to the world; besides the fact that this show can be seen around the globe, we thought it’d be fun to have TENGA along for the ride.
Gyuzo: We’re similar to TENGA aren’t we? When people see us they’ve gotta wonder the amount of research that we do to do what we do. Have you seen the TENGA EGGs? That sort of variety doesn’t come on a whim. Hell it’s tough even just to try to collect them all!
Nanbu: Danna’s well connected with the guys at TENGA, he’s always testing the products before any of us. You should see his face when he’s telling us about the latest products, his face lights up with joy.
Danna: It’s not easy work guys, I’m dried out every day! *Laughs* I’ve been helping with the product tests so much, I even run a little part on the show called “Today’s TENGA”! I’ll spare you the details on how sore you can become from over masturbating.

What sort of experiments do you want to try out?

Nanbu: It’s an experiment show, so we wanna try out things that even we don’t know the results to. If it becomes a “show” that’ll just be boring, we wanna keep challenging. I think that makes more of an impact.
Gyuzo: We were told by the guys running the show that if we go too far they’ll cut us off the air so we’re gonna challenge those boundaries striaght up. Anyone can come down to watch the show live at the stuido – expect a whole lot of craziness to go down out of view of the camera!
Danna: If you enjoy the smell of burning gun powder I strongly suggest coming to watch!

When do you feel that your efforts have been worth it?

Nanbu: That differs from person to person. Me personally? Laughter and applause is enough to make me happy. It’s not the same for the other guys though, some of them aren’t satisfied until we start some sort of riot.
Gyuzo: Danna’s always happy when he gets his stage money, right?
Danna: No doubt, the bigger the money, the bigger the satifaction! *Laughs*

Have you all used TENGA before?

Nanbu: Are you kidding? Of course! When I took mine to my girlfriend’s place she was like “What? Is it that good?” then she got jealous and started trying to improve herself to try to compete!
Gyuzo: Even Sango(Juugo) here – who doesn’t ever talk about sex – has taken them home and tried them out.
Sango: Of course I have! *Laughing* I don’t like guys who plain rule things out that they haven’t even tried. I always tell them “Listen, shut up and try one.” Without trying new things, you’d never experience a thing!
Nanbu: But you guys have never tried them two-at-a-time right? Get a girl to use one on you while you finger another – that’s luxury you can’t find anywhere else!
Gyuzo: A virtual threesome? What kinda pervert are you! *Laughter*

What are plans for the Tokyo Shock Boys in the near future?

Danna: We’ve got a ton of offers from abroad so we’d like to see things go global. I think it’ll be interesting to see what we can discover from the world.
Gyuzo: I’d like to go to Dubai or Macau, places on the rise. The atmosphere’s just totally different in those places.
Nanbu: I think it’s important to give everyone hopes and dreams by showing them what they can achieve – if you go this far and beyond!

“Koukai Jikken” (Public Experiment) Airs every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 19:00 JST (You can also watch at the show live at the studio) http://www.mopal.jp/dengeki/

Tokyo Shock Boys

Tokyo Shock Boys (Entertainers)

Torata Nanbu
Born 1951 - Yamagata Pref. Jpn. Top talents "Forehead Suction", "Firecracker Pants" etc

Sango Juugo
Born 1962 - Ibaraki Pref. Jpn. Main MC. Top talent "No-smoking man" (Eating lit cigarettes) etc

Born 1964 - Tochigi Pref. Jpn. Top talent "Scorpion man" (Placing poisonous scorpions on his face and in his mouth)

Danna Koyanagi
Born 1968 - Niigata Pref. Top talent "The milk man" (Drinking milk nasally and expelling through tear ducts)