Ryan O’Connor


Ryan O’Connor (Founder - RIPNDIP)

I think our fans, everyone that loves RIPNDIP, is really going to enjoy this one.

Update Sep 2018 - We're proud to announce the launch of the SECOND collab with RIPNDIP! Check out the link at the bottom of the interview below! For any of you who've ever been on the internet before, you've undoubtedly been flipped off by Lord Nermal, RIPNDIP's iconic white cat. We're thrilled to have recently had the opportunity to collaborate with RIPNDIP on a Limited-Edition CUP (more on that below) and to commemorate the occasion, we sat down with Ryan, founder of RIPNDIP for a chat about the collab.

How were you first introduced to TENGA?

Actually, through HUF! Keith Hufnagel. He made a TENGA 4 or 5 years ago, and I thought, “wow, what is this? This is amazing!” That’s where I first got introduced to TENGA.

Have you ever used a TENGA item before?

Yes, of course!

We saw on your Instagram that you got a TENGA t-shirt last year, right?

Yeah! I went on a trip to Japan, and I went and bought a bunch of TENGA stuff.

For souvenirs for your friends?

Yeah, for souvenirs and friends – I thought it was cool!

Do you have any specific favorite TENGA items?

The CUP! The CUP is my favorite. I love the CUP, and I love TENGA.

Why did you decide to collaborate with TENGA?

Because I think it’s going to be an amazing product, and I want to introduce it to all our fans. I think our fans, everyone that loves RIPNDIP, is really going to enjoy this one. I think that a lot of them don’t know about it yet, so I feel like they’re really going to enjoy it – thoroughly.

We’re all familiar with the iconic Lord Nermal – the white cat featured in many of your products, including our collaboration CUP. What is his backstory – where did he come from?

He has been in a ton of different forms. He was created for posters, that’s where he was first seen. Then we made a big collage of all-over print cats and we called that pattern ‘Nermal’. Then he just evolved into what he is today over the years.

Why a white cat?

Cuz they’re cute! (laughs). He is cute, and very rare with those blue eyes. And he’s mischievous, kinda like me. (laughs)

He is certainly cute! Why did you think TENGA and RIPNDIP would make a good match?

Because we both make products that people enjoy using. I feel like a lot of people get joy out of using TENGA, and a lot of people find the humor in RIPNDIP enjoyable. It’s a good harmony of two products.

Is there anything you’d like say to your fans in Japan?

Yeah – RIPNDIP popup coming soon, buy lots of TENGA! (laughs)

Very simple haha – so you will come to Japan sometime soon?

We’ll come over there this year!

OK, please come by our office for sure, OK?



About the TENGA × RIPNDIP Limited Edition CUP

This special collaboration CUP features RIPNDIP’s Lord Nermal, in his signature pose loved by fans everywhere.

This was a limited-edition item and is unfortunately no longer available. However, RIPNDIP have brought the item back in small quantities as limited revivals so keep an eye on their site for future updates!



Founded in 2009 in Orlando, RIPNDIP is now one of the hottest streetwear brands hailing from its new home of LA. Founder and skateboarder Ryan O’Connor created the name from ripping tricks and dipping out, taking the skating community by storm. With superstar fans like Tyler, the Creator, and a flagship store next to fellow big name brand Supreme, RIPNDIP’s famous “Lord Nermal” and catchphrase “Must be Nice” are icons of the current streetwear scene.

Ryan O’Connor

Ryan O’Connor  (Founder - RIPNDIP)

Founder of RIPNDIP
Born: August 21st, 1987

Born and raised in Orlando, Florida, Ryan O’Connor and his famous character Lord Nermal are almost one and the same - mischievous but lovable guys with one goal in mind: providing fun and laughs for people around the world.
RIPNDIP began in a skate park in Orlando, where Ryan wrote the tag RIPNDIP on a skateboard and pulled some tricks in front of a crowd. They immediately fell in love with the phrase and its philosophy, and soon other skaters were tagging their own boards with RIPNDIP. Ryan knew he was on to something and started production of their first t-shirt, setting the groundwork for what would grow to be RIPNDIP as it is today.
With big name fans like Tyler, the Creator, Ryan’s brand RIPNDIP is one of the hottest streetwear brands around.