TENGA Celebrates PRIDE Worldwide

TENGA believes deeply in everyone’s right to live freely as who they are, without expectations or shame.
We hope to build a world that is open, free, and full of joy, where individuality is celebrated for making each of us who we are.
As part of this, TENGA is always endeavoring to support the LGBTQ+ community by supporting PRIDE events worldwide, launching products where profits are allocated to donations and doing what we can in-house to learn more.

Pride to the High Street

Join us as we celebrate diversity and inclusivity with our "Pride to the High Street" campaign. We've embarked on a journey to visit our partner retailers, listening to their stories, learning about their communities, and sharing their voices with the world.
Through this initiative, we're shining a spotlight on LGBTQ+ retailers who serve as pillars in their communities, offering safe spaces and support for all individuals to express themselves freely. By amplifying their voices, we aim to promote acceptance, understanding, and joy.

Learn more about our partner retailers and their contributions to building a more inclusive world:

PRIDE Edition Items

For several years, TENGA used to celebrate Pride Month with the release of a limited-edition rainbow item, with proceeds going to donations and support of LGBTQ+ non-profits and awareness activities.
However, we want to bring all the colors of Pride to life all year-round. Starting from 2020, we launched the Pride Edition of the TENGA EGG SHINY, as a regular addition to the TENGA EGG lineup; because Pride shouldn’t have to end when the festivities do.
In 2024, the TENGA Pride collection was updated with the arrival of the TENGA EGG SHINY II: Pride Edition - a new twist on a fan favourite.
Proceeds for all Pride products go to causes supporting sexual minorities.

Check out the entire TENGA Pride Collection below:

In-house LGBTQ+ Sensitivity Training

While we pride ourselves in our actions throughout the years to promote making sexuality more open and something everyone can enjoy, we also endeavor to keep updating our knowledge and understanding.
With the help of Japan NPO Nijiiro Diversity, we have held in-house training seminars regarding not just workplace sensitivity towards sexual minorities, but the current situation around employment in the LGBTQ+ community.
We will continue these efforts to train all of our staff to better understand the challenges the LGBTQ+ community can face.

Rainbow Parenting Handbook (Japan Only)

With the profits raised from the “TENGA RAINBOW PRIDE CUP 2018” we worked together with NPO Nijiiro Diversity, and the Nijiiro Family including PR Group PRAP Japan, to create a handbook for new and expecting parents.
This handbook served to tell the stories of LGBTQ+ individuals, on what it was like growing up in Japan with their sexuality - what hurt, what helped, what they wish it would have been like - as a guide for these new parents in raising a child without enforcing any sexual identity on them at an early age.

Published by: NPO Nijiiro Diversity
Supported by: TENGA Co., Ltd, PRAP Japan Co., Ltd., Nijiiro Family, lag,

※For more information regarding the Rainbow Parenting Handbook, please contact NPO Nijiiro Diversity directly.