This Campaign has now ended.
Thank you to all who took part.

Become a TENGA Masturbation Challenger this Masturbation May!Become a TENGA Masturbation Challenger this Masturbation May!

We want you!

To become a TENGA Masturbation Challenger this Masturbation May!

The 2020 TENGA Global Self-Pleasure Report has shown how beneficial self-pleasure was for us last year and still is for many of us even now. A majority used self-pleasure as one of the key ways to cope with the stress of the pandemic. To highlight and share the benefits of self-pleasure, TENGA is hosting a Masturbation Challenge this Masturbation May, and we’re looking for brave Masturbation Challengers who are willing to participate!


What’s the Masturbation May Challenge?


Since so many of us found masturbation to be such an important part of our self-care routines last year, we’re looking to spread the message of its benefits this Masturbation May.


To do so, we’re calling for challengers to spread this message by sharing the campaign hashtag #doitinmay throughout May, for every time or day that you Do It in May! (SFW posts only, folks!) We don’t care how you do it – using your hands, toys or whatever takes your fancy – but we’ll be sending you a care package to help you through the challenge as well! (More on that below!)


Not only that, but the campaign hashtag will be counted daily, with a scoreboard keeping track on the campaign website. In return, we’ve prepared some amazing rewards that EVERYONE can enjoy for each major milestone that we hit with the hashtag counter! If you are happy to do so, we can even list you as an Official Masturbation Challenger on the site when it goes live on April 30th!



Try to get as much support as possible!


The more people are engaged, the more we can spread the benefits of self-pleasure! Your friends, fans and supporters can support you during this fun challenge by engaging with your tweets and posts.


To make cheering more appealing, we came up with the following TENGA Masturbation Point System. Each form of engagement is worth the following Masturbation Points (MP):


Like = 5 MP

RT, Share = 10 MP

Comment = 15 MP


At the end of the challenge – after May – TENGA will count all the Masturbation Points you and your fellow Masturbation Challengers have gathered, and will reward your supporters with a prize respective of the total score reached.*

*Prize for supporters to be announced on the campaign website on April 30th!



Challengers Kit

What’s in it for you?


Get a free masturbation kit including various TENGA and iroha products to spice up your self-care routine during the challenge, and beyond.

*Models might vary.




How to Become a Challenger?


1)Open an account (if you don’t have one already) on TENGA STORE EUROPE.



2) Fill out this form:




Deadline for application: April 18th 23:59 PT.




That’s it!


TENGA will vet all applications and will let you know via DM if you’ve been selected as a TENGA Masturbation Challenger, so keep an eye on your Twitter inbox!


Good luck and get ready for Masturbation May!




· Entry deadlines: 11:59 PM on April 18th, 2021 (PT).

· Participants must be over 18 years old.
· Challengers will be selected by TENGA and will receive a direct message via Twitter if they have been chosen.
· Challengers will get a free TENGA/iroha product bundle to use during the TENGA Masturbation Challenge (not obligatory). The bundle will be sent to the address given by the challenger.
· If you agree to the option on the entry form, your Twitter Profile Picture and Account Name will be shown and linked to on the official campaign website.
· If you agree to the option on the entry form, retweets by TENGA_Global of your tweets including the hashtag #doitinmay may be shown on the official campaign website.
· Challengers are asked to masturbate as much as they can during Masturbation May (5/1-31) and share a tweet including the campaign hashtag #doitinmay every time they did it in May.
· Every form of social engagement (Like, Share, RT, Comment) will have certain “Masturbation Points” assigned by TENGA. At the end of the challenge, TENGA will count all the Masturbation Points that have been achieved by all Challengers. Challengers are asked to announce the final Masturbation Point score along with the respective kick-back to their followers once it has been calculated by TENGA




Please contact us here if you have any questions about the challenge or for further details.