Calling All Uni Students!

Get FREE TENGA UNI sample packs
for your next event!

Calling all student unions, event organizers and club promoters!


We’re celebrating the launch of the TENGA UNI,

the world’s first unisex and universal, solo and partnered-use pleasure item,

with the TENGA UNI University Tour!


Read on below to find out how YOU can get your hands on

free TENGA UNI sample packs, merch and more for your next University Event!



What’s the TENGA UNI?



The TENGA UNI is a unisex pleasure item that can be used for both solo and partnered pleasure!


The gemstone-like items are soft and squishy to the touch. You can place them on your fingers to create stimulation for clitoral/labial play, or flip it inside-out for use as a stroker for sensations for the penis!



About the TENGA UNI University Tour


To celebrate the launch of the TENGA UNI, we’re giving away FREE TENGA UNIs to events and gatherings for events around the world.


With the TENGA UNI we aim to get one step closer to a world in which everybody can enjoy pleasure in all forms.

We want to highlight the importance of sexual wellness and self-care as a part of a joyful life, and not something that should be kept behind closed doors.


By sampling the TENGA UNI at your event, you can help spread this message

as well as help to remove the stigma around pleasure, whatever your gender.


Get free pleasure items and help to spread a good message – what’s not to love!


・Do you have a mixer coming up and want some goodies for guests?

・Big club night planned and need some fun to throw in the mix?
・Holding a sexual health & wellness event that could enjoy a fun booth?

We’ve got three separate plans prepped and ready to pack up and ship off to you to boost your event!



TENGA UNI Sample Plans


TENGA UNI Sample Pack


We will provide a set of 50, 100 or 200 samples for your event, for use as gifts in goodie bags, sampling at the bar, or as prizes.



Samples & Booth Fittings


We will provide the samples above, alongside TENGA and TENGA UNI branded booth fittings and fixtures such as tablecloths, photo-spot backdrops and banners.


Custom Event Options


We’ll provide the above and more, including potential games that we’ve prepared for you to easily implement for prizes at your event.


For custom events we’ll be in touch to discuss the details with you and your team.



How To Apply


Registration couldn’t be more simple!

We’ve got a quick form you can fill out below to apply.


Let us know about your event – dates, expected attendance, and which sample package you’re looking for – and we’ll get back to you regarding your application!




After document screening, we will be in touch to discuss which of our plans are feasible within the given timeframe.

Please note that we may ask to discuss details over a call / online meeting.





Who Can Apply?

The TENGA UNI University Tour, is a campaign for University Students around the world.




  • Applicants must be part of a student union or other student body, or an event organizer for an event explicitly for university students.
  • Applicants must be over the age of consent in their location.
  • All event attendees must be over the age of consent to receive the product samples in the location of the event.
  • The event must be more than 1 month away from the time of application.
  • The event must not contain or promote any illegal activities.
  • Applicants are responsible for acquiring the appropriate rights to sample these items at their event.
  • Applicants are responsible for abiding by all laws and regulations for sampling.



Period of Campaign

Application Period: Feb 1st 2024 ~ Jan 31st 2025

Planned Event Date(s): Mar 1st 2024 ~ Feb 28th 2025



Rules & Regulations

  • Please read this page in full to understand all requirements, terms and conditions before application.
  • We are unable to supply all events, and TENGA Co., Ltd. reserves the right to choose which event receives which package at its sole discretion.
  • You are not permitted to promote the samples or publicly post photos of our brand or products under the following terms:
  • You are in conflict with any of the requirements, terms and conditions written on this page.
  • Content that infringes on anyone’s personal privacy and/or rights.
  • Content that infringes on any third party organization’s rights.
  • Content that is against any policy for the platform you are posting on.
  • Content that has the intent to harm or defame any person, organization, company or any other third party.
  • Content that intends on eliciting violence, harm or any illegal activities.
  • TENGA Co., Ltd. reserves the right to reject any content at its sole discretion.
  • TENGA Co., Ltd. can not be held responsible for any issues caused by content posted around the samples and fixtures provided by this campaign.
  • TENGA Co., Ltd. can not be held responsible for any issues concerning the sampling of these products, as all applicants must acquire the appropriate rights to sample these products, as outlined in the Requirements.
  • You are not permitted to sell the products acquired for sampling.