Jorge “Viki” Gomez


Jorge “Viki” Gomez (Pro BMX Rider)

I feel really happy to represent Tenga. Be open minded and enjoy the advantages of the modern world we are living!

In this edition of "TENGA VOICE" we're chatting with Jorge "Viki" Gomez of Pro BMX fame and one of our great TENGA Athletes! We look back on his year in 2015 where he was titled 2015 BMX FLATLAND World Champion!

Before we begin – congratulations on becoming BMX FLATLAND World Champion 2015! Looking back on it now, how has this year been for you?

It has been the best year of my life! I wanted to come back strong to the top of the Podium and the hard work in Winter paid off! I was riding more than 5 hours a day in my winter spot! Now I m more motivated to ride harder and show the tricks I couldn’t do in contests this year.

Tell us a little about why, when and how you got into BMX?

I got into BMX when I was 14 years old. I had a very cheap BMX bike and one day I saw a lot of riders in a central park in Madrid and I fell in love with Flatland! They were having a lot of fun, they had nice fashion style, a lot of girls around, radio and music! I wanted to be part of this lifestyle and have one these awesome Freestyle bikes!

What do you think makes FLATLAND a great competitive BMX category?

Everybody have so different style from each other. And the one who can make newer and original tricks is the winner! So it is so exiting to always see who is bringing something new to the table! Fans should check out the finals! They are always magic!!

What’s it like being a professional BMX rider? Are there many people making a living from only competitive BMX riding?

It is my dream! I feel so extremely happy that I can travel around the world and show what I love to do to the people! Riding a bike is always a positive thing! I think I am one of the few ones who can live on BMX! I worked so hard for it, but I also have right mindset to treat good my sponsors and make new connections for new projects. Personality is very important in BMX Flatland to live from it!

What did you think of FLAT ARK 2015 held at Kobe, Japan recently?

Flatark was probably the most epic contest in history of BMX Flatland! The return of Martti Kuoppa to the top of the sport and winning with all these crazy new tricks is something that will be in the history books! He was always considered as the best rider that BMX Flatland ever had! He quit the sport for 6 years but his heart pushed him to come back. And he really came back to the top! He is a true champion and a master for all the riders in the world. The fact that this happened at Flatlark and in Japan makes it so special and epic!

What about the Japanese fans of the sport?

The Japanese fans are the best! They really understand Flatland in all its ways! Fashion, tricks, fun! They are my biggest inspiration!

How did you first find out about TENGA?

I found about Tenga through Ucchie. First I couldn’t really believe what it was. But when I realize I felt pretty amazed about it! Somehow I told to my self: Finally someone has invented what every man needs!!

What’s your favorite TENGA?

My favorite Tenga is the 10th year anniversary ( Blue cap) It has a new oil that brings new and better sensations!

So what can we expect to see from you from here on?

I am really motivated to ride so hard after Flatark 2015! I want to work on my dream tricks and make them consistent for contests!! Also I am working on some projects in Asia Pacific to make BMX Flatland bigger! I can’t say much now but a lot of surprises are coming for 2016!!

Finally, do you have a message for your Japanese fans and TENGA fans out there?

I want to tell all my Tenga and Japanese fans that I feel really happy to represent Tenga. I travel a lot and having Tenga as a companion really helps to make the trips easy when I feel alone far from my Fiance! If you haven’t tried it you should. Be open minded and enjoy the advantages of the modern world we are living! I can’t wait to comeback to Japan next year! It is my favorite country in the world!

Watch the latest Viki Gomez × TENGA Collab Video below!


Jorge “Viki” Gomez

Jorge “Viki” Gomez (Pro BMX Rider)

Born: March 7th, 1981

BMX Flatland Rider
BMX Performer
BMX Designer
Talent Manager
• 3 time World Champion 2016, 2015, 2010 BFWC
• 2 time Vice World Champion 2017 & 2014 Japan
• 5 time FISE Champion Palavas/Montpellier, France
• 2 time European X-GAMES Champion BCN,Spain
• 3 time Red Bull Circle of Balance Champion 2012
• 3 time NORA Cup Awards USA 2016, 2015, 2013 – "No.1 International Flatland Rider"