Akimasa Haraguchi


Akimasa Haraguchi (Comedian)

TENGA sent me a congratulatory box for my wedding...!

We interview Japanese comedian Akimasa Haraguchi, whose comical mimicry of famous stars always comes with heartfelt respect to whomever he portrays. Also famous as the presenter of TV show “LOVE ME TENGA”, we went to the studio where this show is filmed for a surprise interview. We delve into the world of this comedian who even as a lover of TENGA, has very recently, just gotten married!

We hear you just got married, congratulations! Tell us of the differences of being married in relation to your comedy and personal life.

Nothing’s really changed. The wife’s nine years younger than me so she’ll tell me “this person’s pretty popular right now” and let me know about recent trends since at my age, I’m starting to lose the ability to stay up to date with things like that. In regards to my personal life…? Oh, TENGA sent me a congratulatory box for my wedding, of course consisting of TENGA! That was real nice of them. I have them showcased in my living room. I’ve also been giving out all the TENGA I’ve received until now to younger comedians that visit my house.

How did you find out about TENGA? Which is your favorite?

In a magazine maybe 5 or so years ago. At first I didn’t really know what it was, but when I tried it I was like “What is this?! I never knew such an amazing product existed!” I was entranced. My favorite… TENGA has these warmers that warm up the toys for you, that makes them all feel great. Oh and those cute EGGs, they cater for most sizes so that’s great. Also the EGGs don’t really give you the impression that you’re using a TENGA, like their presence isn’t that overwhelming.

If you were to make an original TENGA, what would it be like?

I don’t know, I think TENGA will continue to release toys that feel generally more pleasurable over time. Now that I think about it though, if they get any better than they are at the moment, that might pose a problem in itself! They’ve raised the bar for adult toys enough for now! (lol)

Do you have any funny stories regarding TENGA?

It was really early on, when I first started working with TENGA on the show. A staff member told me “They’ve sent these awesome EGG products, you should check them out!” and he gave me one. It was only when I got home I opened the bag and realized that there were only 5 in a pack of 6! (lol) I phoned him straight away, “You used one of my masturbation toys!?” I asked, but he feigned ignorance, but his excuse of “Really? I wonder who used one” wasn’t exactly the most convincing of arguments. I never told him that only one was missing. (lol)

Akimasa Haraguchi

Akimasa Haraguchi  (Comedian)