ZEBRAHEAD (Musicians)

If TENGA makes an anal type I'd be thrilled to compare. One big enough for a thumb, another to fit a fist!

Back in mid 2010, Rolling Stone held a surprise interview with ZEBRAHEAD during their gigs at the PUNKSPRING punk festival. The guys were thrilled when Rolling Stone handed them a bagload of TENGA the last time they met. Let's hear what Ben (Bass), Ed (Drums) and Matty (Vocals) have to say about their experiences! *The following interview is translated back to English from the original Japanese translation and may not reflect the original English interview.

Did you guys get a chance to use those TENGAs we gave you?

Ed: I’d be dead right now if my wife found them, so I gave them to the guys from Green Day.
Matty: I tried the egg-type one and this one (Deep Throat Cup) both on the night I got them!
Ben: I used them all before my wife got home.

So the two of you that got the chance, how were they?

Matty: It was so dripping wet, kinda like a girl’s love juices. It was awesome♡

Do you all perceive sex and masturbation as different things?

Ben: In regards to cumming out some sperm, they’re not that different.
Matty: *Laughing* That was the day I lost my TENGA virginity so I’m not sure. I have a question though, don’t you have any anal TENGA?

That, we don’t…

Matty: Actually in America we have a brand of adult toys called FleshLight, they have an anal type, which of course I’ve used *Bursts out in laughter*. If TENGA makes an anal type I’d be thrilled to compare. One big enough for a thumb, another to fit a FIST!!
Ben: My little soldier’s real small, so anything other than the U.S.TENGA please! This (pointing to the U.S.TENGA) is about right for you, Ed, don’t you think?? (LOL)

Moving briskly on, do you guys think there’s a connection between sex and music?

Ben: Music and Sex, both have a beginning, middle and an end right? Getting lively with the cymbals and the climax is a big bang! (LOL) Kinda like a matinee!

*Laughing* OK, so if you were to make a song for TENGA, can you think up any lyrics?

Ben: “Po~nyo po~nyo ponyo, Te~nga Te~nga TENGA.” (LOL)
Ed: If you’re gonna stick one of our tracks to it, I’d say “Playmate of the year”. Hell that song’s all about masturbation!

Honestly then, while you’re in Japan, how much do you masturbate?

Ed: Since my wife isn’t here, I’d say about 4 times a day! I do it in the shower, and leave the mess there deliberately! *Laughs*
Matty: I do my best not to jack off on tour. But I gotta be honest I do it in Japan. Hell I pulled one out just a couple of hours ago.
Ben: Three times so far I think…? When I get back to the hotel I’ll put some make-up and perfume on this TENGA you gave me and go at it!
Ed: Matty always gets room service to send ladies up for massages. I secretly hope he’s getting some “extra service”! Always a waste of money though! *Bursts our laughing*
Matty: But from today forth, I won’t need to anymore – I have these TENGA!

[“Rolling Stone 2010, Jun. Edi. SHAKE★TENGA”]


ZEBRAHEAD (Musicians)

Anti-clockwise from the top. Ben (Bass), Ali (Vocals), Greg (Guitar), Ed (Drums) and Matty (Vocals). 5-man group born in 1996 from the Orange County. Debuted in '98 with their "Waste of Mind" album. Their most recent album "Panty Raid" which has covers of songs by female artists is now on sale.