Brosmind (Artists)

In our illustrations, there is always an implicit message of optimism, fantasy, and joy - values that we feel match very well with TENGA.

We had a chance to sit down with Juan and Alejandro Mingarro of the famous Spanish design duo Brosmind to chat about our collaboration series, starting with the BROSMIND WITH TENGA CUP launched in June 2019. Read below to find out how we may have helped them achieve a dream!

How did you first hear of TENGA?

A few months ago, in one of the podcasts we usually listen to at the studio, they were discussing a news story about someone called Masanobu Sato. He broke his own masturbation record using a specific combination of products from a brand called TENGA. Intrigued, we searched for more information about this company, and were surprised to see such exquisite aesthetics and design, so different from typical adult toys.

Have you ever used any TENGA items? Is there something you particularly like?

We had never used them before, but thanks to our recent collaboration we could try the TENGA CUP – they are a wonder!

Why did you decide to take on this collaboration? What led you to the decision?

When we received the proposal, we weren’t sure for a while. We didn’t know very much about the brand, and we had some doubts about associating ourselves with a company in this sector. So, we did a bit of research. Beyond the eye-catching aesthetics, we found that we also liked the company philosophy and the type of communication they do – very funny and elegant, without falling into the vulgarity that sometimes characterizes the sector of adult entertainment.

What do you hope to communicate through this collaboration?

In our illustrations, there is always an implicit message of optimism, fantasy, and joy – values that we feel match very well with TENGA.

With the illustration you have created for us, how would you like it to be received by Japanese people?

For us, it had always been a dream to collaborate with a Japanese company. We love Japan and its culture, so working on this project has been a total pleasure. When this happens, this happiness is somehow projected from the artwork to those seeing it.

Last, but not least – do you have a message for Brosmind and TENGA fans?

A hug to all of our followers, and our new friends from TENGA. We hope this is only the start of a beautiful story.





Brosmind (Artists)

Juan Mingarro
Born: 1978
Alejandro Mingarro
Born: 1981

Brosmind is a design studio founded in 2006 by brothers Juan and Alejandro Mingarro.
Known for cartoonizing daily life elements, freely using composition and symbolism, their style is fresh, optimistic, full of humor, and quite surreal.
Brosmind has collaborated with several famous brands, and their art is beloved both in Europe and around the world.