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2011.08.24 NEWS

Information regarding counterfeit items.

With the growing worldwide demand for TENGA brand items, the recent years have seen a large growth of malicious counterfeit TENGA items emerge onto the worldwide market. These products that not only look like, but sometimes go as far as to claim to be the genuine article are often produced with unknown materials and ingredients, possibly harmful to the body and do not uphold TENGA brand quality, safety and satisfaction, putting to risk the sexual health, wellness and happiness of people everywhere.

We are proud to announce our first major goal in the fight against these harmful products, where we have successfully eradicated these items from retailers, across Japan with the help of our lawyers, and have now successfully managed to officially issue a prohibition of import in all 8 customs agencies in Japan.

TENGA Co., Ltd. vow to commit to the abolishment of counterfeit products around the world, for the safety and satisfaction of everyone in our continued goal to create a safe, pleasant, market for masturbation and sexual wellness.