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May 25, 2018 NEWS

Feel More: TENGA Global Self-Pleasure Report

In 2016, we conducted a survey focused on masturbation in the United States, and 2017 saw this research expand both within the USA, as well as to the UK and Germany. Now, 2018 has seen a huge expansion in our surveys — for the first time ever, we have gone global, and produced the first ever Global Self-Pleasure Report!


In partnership with research firm PSB, we surveyed more than 13,000 men and women aged 18–74 across 18 countries that make up 57% of the world’s population about their habits and views toward self-pleasure, sex, gender dynamics and sex toy usage. The survey was conducted February — March 2018.

There are four infographic reports — specialized reports for the USA, the UK, and Germany, and a Global report, showing data from all 18 of the surveyed countries.

Visit www.feelmore.global for all the infographics, details about the surveys, and more!

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